IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) Solution Overview

Changepoint PPM software is an IT portfolio management solution that incorporates the full portfolio investment lifecycle. This the disciplines of Portfolio Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM) and the management of resources involved in all aspects of the portfolio. Essentially, Changepoint’s PPM software effectively combines the critical processes and data that are vital for effective IT management.

Changepoint uses particular functionality metrics and a collaborative environment to target the distinct properties of the critical areas. This gives the user greater control, and more visibility, of the IT portfolio. Changepoint PPM software uses its integrated design to aid decision making by consolidating information.

Changepoint Accelerators for PPM can help your organisation obtain optimal value from your Changepoint investment. It enables you to develop an efficient, streamlined IT organisation that is available as an adaptable SaaS enterprise software solution.
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