E-learning for software training

e_learningE-learning is the ideal medium for training end-users in effectively using software. Interactive simulations allow users to be guided through the software, learning the key controls, functions and, more importantly, the correct way to complete tasks in their new software. With e-learning, it’s possible to train hundreds of users without the need for face-to-face courses.

Experience has shown us that the transfer of knowledge using e-learning is both less expensive and far more effective than traditional classroom methods, as well as more convenient for the users.It also means users can learn at their own pace.

CQC Solutions are experts in software simulation products such as Oracle UPK, Atlantic Link, CAPA and GoMo Learning. CQC can prepare bespoke interactive e-learning simulations at any time during the software’s implementation (in some cases even before the software has been delivered!). From a single screen capture, we can generate ‘show me, try me and test me’ software simulations so that your users can learn in the way that suits them best.

As well as understanding how to develop and implement e-learning, we also have an in-depth understanding of Project Portfolio Management and Business Process Management methodologies. We are experts in leading programme and project management tools such as Changepoint Daptiv, Oracle Instantis, CA-Clarity (PPM & RAD), Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management & PPM) and MS Project. This means that your e-learning content is developed by subject matter experts and is tailored to your software requirements, giving you the best possible training for your software implementation.

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