ITROI Services

CQC Solutions are partners for ITROI Solutions delivering solutions and services for clients in UK, Europe and the Middle East.


ITROI specializes in the development of PPM software tools and solutions that dramatically improve company productivity, visibility and streamline business application performance. With a focus on enterprise application integration for the PPM space and with over 50 combined years of technical/functional expertise in Clarity PPM – IT-ROI Solutions has become widely regarded as the go-to Clarity PPM pioneers.

CQC Solutions can create integrations to your specific requirements using the Integration Bridge (IB3), and deploy these to the Integration Manager (IM3).

ITROI also have a fully featured XOG client (XB3) that offers greatly enhanced functionality over Clarity’s own built-in XOG client, which has been removed after the release of 13.2

The PPM Excel Interface leverages the Integration Bridge to get data out and send data back to CA PPM, allowing companies to take advantage of 100% automated XOG (XML Open Gateway) technology that the IB3 provides. With a simple click of a button in the IT-ROI custom Excel ribbon, an entire XOG operation is launched to get or send data to/from CA PPM.

CQC Solutions can also provide services and support for SharePoint Integrated Solutions for CA PPM, with the use of PPM Boss

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