Touchpoint: Programme and Relationship
Management Coaching

TouchpointTouchpoint is a new Programme Management and Relationship Management Training and Coaching service from CQC:

Your Requirements

To develop your senior managers/directors so that they are effective in:

  • Managing your relationships with clients;
  • Managing projects/programmes/portfolio successfully;
  • Managing their resources and team members.

Our Proposal

Our proposal is to make your PMs effective at their jobs by:

  • Ensuring they understand the principles of Programme management/Relationship Management;
  • Coaching them to develop their skills in applying/practising these principles;
  • Coaching them to develop the softer skills that are key to managing a client and their own resources successfully;
  • Mentoring them to create the right environment for being successful.

Our Approach

  • We address team and individual needs;
  • Our focus is just not on standard training but more on making an individual successful in their role;
  • Training and coaching needs are identified based on their current performance in their roles;
  • Classroom type training and workshop address team needs;
  • Individuals are coached and mentored to develop as an effective Programme Manager and Relationship Manager.


  • Assessment of ones PM skills, softer skills, and environment support is carried out through reviews with the individual, programme team members, senior management, account management, and also client (if desired);
  • The reviews are not akin to appraisals of individuals but appraisal of the project/programme to assess the shortcomings in management;
  • An action plan to address the shortcomings is agreed with the PM and the sponsor:
    – Actions relevant to teams handled through classroom training and workshops;
    – Actions relevant to individuals addressed through coaching and mentoring.

Team Training

  • We establish the standards being followed or to be adapted;
  • We assess the PMs’ level of understanding;
  • We, in conjunction with the PMs and the sponsor, develop the training plan;
  • We train in these principles through classroom training and workshops, or may propose attending standard courses.

Note: Training for Programme Management standards and principles is done at team level.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

  • A mentor/coach is assigned to an individual;
  • Individuals are coached and assessed regularly based on the requirements identified during assessment;
  • Action plans are tracked and reviewed based on the progress made by the individuals;
  • Individuals are mentored and counselled at regular intervals to identify the reasons for not being effective at their jobs and actions are identified on how to resolve those obstacles;
  • Individuals have access to their coach/mentor and can contact them whenever they need help and advice.

Note: Developing/Coaching/Mentoring carried out with individuals according to their relevant needs.

Focus Areas

  • Framework for identifying opportunities
  • Effective stakeholder management
  • Managing client expectation
  • Negotiating with clients, your peers and your team
  • Understanding and working to fit the client’s Organisational culture
  • Working to a collaborative and not transactional approach
  • Team management
  • Bid Management to hit the right note
  • Knowing and Influencing the influencers within the client organisation
  • Effective presentation
  • Effective leadership and team building
  • Effective project/programme management
  • Managing your priority
  • Effective communication
  • Continuous assessment & improvement.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and focus areas for teams and individuals are indentified and prioritised during the assessment phase.


  • Assessment
    – 1.5 days per manager to carryout the assessment and agree an action plan with the individual and the sponsor
  • Training
    – Difficult to assess. Our proposal is to send to agreed standard courses if necessary as this will be more cost effective for your organisation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    – 1 day per week per manager for the first 3 months
    – Thereafter, 0.5 day per week per manager for 3 months
    – Number of days may vary according to individual needs and will be reviewed regularly with the individuals and the sponsor
    – Need for any support after 6 months can be assessed and defined accordingly

We aim to make your Team Effective at every Touch Point


Why CQC Solutions?

  • In depth knowledge and understanding of Programme Management challenges in engagements;
  • Direct experience of managing large assignments;
  • Track record of successfully training and developing effective programme managers;
  • Experienced in Supporting, mentoring, facilitating, and counselling team members to perform in an environment with cultural and operational diversity;
  • Hands-on when necessary (track record of delivery success on complex multi-disciplinary engagements).

Effective at every Touch Point