March 25, 2014

Recent Project Challenge presentation

At the recent Project Challenge Spring show, Jay Chaudhuri, a Director at CQC Solutions, gave a talk on her experiences in implementing Enterprise PPM tools. Her talk can be related to any Enterprise IT tools. I’ve attached her presentation for your interest

Title: Implementing Enterprise PPM Tool – A complex or a simple Journey?

Speaker: Dr Jay Chaudhuri – Director CQC Solutions

Content: The speaker shares her experience of implementing enterprise wide PPM tools in various organisations. Her experience includes working as a C- level executive as well as a consultant implementing PPM tools for clients. She looks at different aspects including process maturity, organisational structure, project governance, project lifecycle, tool selection, resourcing , timescale, technical architecture and organisational politics. She highlights issues that she or her clients have encountered in these areas and how she with her clients have overcome these issues The journey for implementing a PPM tool need not be complex, however, not handling the above aspects correctly makes the journey unnecessarily difficult.

The presentation can be found here