SupportSystem Support is a fully-managed service that remotely monitors and controls your PPM environment. It provides assurance that your servers and databases are running PPM optimally. As standard, it includes: a complete, initial assessment of your environment, early notification of potential problems and monthly reporting statistics.

Functional Support helps your user community effectively operate Changepoint, Daptiv, CA-PPM, Oracle Instantis. It includes user access management, configuration changes and monthly reporting statistics.

Tier-2 Support is for clients who require additional expertise and trouble-shooting skills on Changepoint, Daptiv, CA-PPM, Oracle Instantis. Rapid response and monthly reporting statistics are included.

We offer a range

of support

packages for

your PPM and

BPM installations.

Configuration Support offers functional configuration of your PPM instalments. It comprises changes to configuration to suit your business, continued reviews for users, assessment of how suitable new releases are to you and it produces tailored reports on the effectiveness of your system. In addition, we provide a full, initial assessment of your current PPM functionality. Configuration support does not include configuration changes that are unsupported by software vendors.

If you are planning to expand PPM to other entities, lines of business and countries, or require advice on acquiring hardware, please contact us for our services in those areas.

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