AssessmentIt is often difficult to tell whether your business is realising its maximum commercial and technical value from your PPM installation. Our assessments are designed to do just that across a range of areas.

Functionality assessments measure how effectively your installation helps you to achieve your business goals. We compared its current performance against its optimum capabilities. Then we work with your key personnel to close that gap.

Typical outcomes include, advice on business processes, recommendations for enhancing PPM, suggestions on how to interface with other applications, a road map to achieve the agreed enhancements to the system’s configuration, and realistic timescales, phasing procedures and costs.

We review your servers, databases, applications and network environments to identify existing or potential performance, scaling, business continuity or training issues.

Infrastructure Assessments help ensure that your technical architecture is optimised for achieving peak performance from your PPM installation.

Outsource Assessments review whether your current PPM is suitable for migration to a third-party supported environment. It highlights areas of change management and risk mitigation that must be addressed for migration to be successful.

If you decide to outsource, we can benchmark the current performance of your system against any performance improvements or degradations that occurs as a result of the switch to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from your decision.