March 12, 2015

XOG Best Practices Webinar – UK Edition

CQC Solutions and IT-ROI are hosting a webinar next week. it’s all about XOG best practices for CA PPM.Retrieving and updating data in CA PPM successfully is critical. You need to have XOG masters on your team. XOG is CA PPM’s XML based webservice, and it has its own set of ups and downs. CQC and IT-ROI are here to help because we are those XOG masters who are your team players.Join us for the webinar, Wednesday, March 19, 2015 – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM UK GMT

We will also take time to answer your XOG related questions that you’re dying to ask.

Webinar Topics: 

  • Batching XOG Files
  • Using XSLT with XML (with XSLT examples)
  • Fixing Dates, (Language, NLS settings)
  • Unicode vs ANSI
  • Auto numbering with XOG
  • Complete = True
  • Delete=True
  • TSV and XOG
  • Query API

See you at the webinar,

Christopher Claunch
Mobile:  208-724-3791
Office USA:  954-518-3330 x104

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